Digital Television, Third Edition The Guide to Digital Television, Third Edition
Table of Contents

Publisher's Preface

Preface to the Third Edition

Introduction to the First Edition

Introduction to the Second Edition

Introduction to the Third Edition

DTV In The Real World: Chapter 1
From Yesterday To Today: A Perspective On The Digital Revolution
DTV: A Brief History
November 1999: Momentum Is Building
Television News In The Digital Era
The Future Of Newsgathering Is Now
LPTV Struggles To Survive
Watching TV On An HDTV: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
The DTV Consumer

Understanding Digital: Chapter 2
Understanding Digital: The Basics
A Word About Ratios or Where Did All Those Numbers Come From?
Video Compression
Error Management
Understanding Digital: Advanced Theory

Pre-Production: Chapter 3
Digital Can Be Dangerous
Digital Pre-Production Tools Of The Trade

Production: Chapter 4
The Lens: Making The Best Of An Analog Situation
Framing The Two Worlds
Shooting HD: My First Time
Real World Digital And Production Problems

Audio: Chapter 5
Digital Audio Production
Digital Audio Post
To DAW Or Not To DAW
To Embed Or Not To Embed? The Pros And Cons Of Embedded Audio
Get A Feel For Surround
Setting Up Your Surround Sound Studio
Dolby Digital-The Missing Pieces
Dolby Digital (AC-3) and Dolby E

Graphics & Compositing: Chapter 6
The Art Of Digital

Post Production: Chapter 7
Nonlinear Editing: Moing Toward The Tapeless Environment
Digital Post: The Paradigm Wars

Delivery & Duplication: Chapter 8
Mass Duplication
Digital Be Damned: Consumers Still Love VHS
From Camera to Desktop: The Distribution and Handling Of Video As Files
Delivering Video Over The Internet
Internet Video:Bandwidth, Buzz And Interactivity Deliver A New Medium
The Realities of Digital Media

Engineering & Transmission: Chapter 9
DTV Test, Measurement And Monitoring
Transmission: Digital Within the Facility
Intra-Facility And Inter-Facility Transmission: Copper Versus Fiber
Better Cables, Better Distances For HDTV
Digital Television Broadcasting
DTV Interference: New Channels, New Problems
DTV Transmission Realities
What Exactly Is 8-VSB Anyway?
The How and Why of COFDM
QAM In Cable Transmission

Appendix A: Digital Television Production And Transmission
Production & Transmission Standards
Sweet 16 And Never Been Missed
MPEG-2 Art: Splicing, Editing and Keying

Appendix B: Storage And Archiving/Asset Management
Storage And Archiving In The Age Of Digital
Digital Asset Management
Maximizing Digital Assets: A Primer
Metadata And Content: A Guide For Video Pros

Glossary Of Digital Television Terms

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