Preface To The Third Edition

Welcome to the future of broadcasting. We hope you're enjoying the ride.

Digital television is a reality, and it has brought exciting twists and turns to the broadcast industry. Dozens of channels are on the air, but hundreds more are still preparing to make the move to DTV. With so many technical options (most with very high price tags), broadcasters are being cautious. After all, how does DTV affect your job in broadcasting and video production?

We created this book to help answer that question. Consider this your textbook for DTV 101. The Guide To Digital Television is not a "how to" book as much as it is a "what to do" book. Our goal is to provide a practical guide for the digital transition that helps you make the right decisions for your particular circumstances.

As in previous editions, The Guide To Digital Television follows the typical production cycle from pre-production to delivery and transmission, and has been updated to include the latest DTV developments. We've also added a new chapter, "DTV in the Real World," that puts the DTV transition in perspective for the broadcast industry and non-technical readers. We think this addition will help clarify your goals during this historic time in the broadcast and teleproduction industries.

Finally, we realize that DTV issues will continue to change after you read this book. We invite you to stay current through Digital Television: The Site at You'll find timely discussions on business and legal issues, technology and more.


We'd like to acknowledge the efforts of all the individuals who contributed to the third edition of The Guide To Digital Television. Our contributing writers share in the success of this book, as do the staffs of Television Broadcast, Government Video, and Videography magazines, as well as Digital Television: The Site at Specifically, we would like to thank Brian McKernan, Editorial Director, Video Division of Miller Freeman PSN, who originally suggested a book on digital television, Jessica Webb, Senior Editor of Television Broadcast, Teba Cespón, Web Administrator for Miller Freeman PSN, and Mark's wife, Adriana, for putting up with long distance editorial phone calls at all hours of the day and night. We would also like to thank our families and friends for supporting us in this venture.

Michael Silbergleid
New York, NY

Mark J. Pescatore
Chapel Hill, NC
March 2000

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